TechSol, Inc.
M a n u f a c t u r e r 's  R e p r e s e n t a t i v e s
Companies Represented by TechSol, Inc.


Sheet Metal Fabrication, PCB Assemblies, Cable Assemblies, Backplanes, Box Builds




Extruded Heat Sinks, Custom Aluminum Extrusions, Aluminum Castings

Piezo Elements, Buzzers, Speakers, Sirens, Alarms,

and Other Acoustic Devices



Connectors - D-Subs,USB, Mini-Dins, USB, HDMI, Audio, DC Power Connectors, Audio Jacks, Modular Jacks, Optical

Cables- Custom Assemblies



Advanced Circuit Protection Devices: MOV, TVS, PPTC, GDT, Inrush Limiters, Thermistor and Thermistor Assemblies, Safety Capacitors.  Legacy Products:  Capacitors - Film, MLCC, AE, Ceramic.  Resistors - Leaded and SMD, Current Sense, Speciality/Custom and Standard Types





 Cable Drag Chain Systems, Labeling Systems, Cable Protection Conduit and Fitting Systems, Cable Entry and Holding Systems  



AC/DC Fans, Blowers, Fan Tray Assemblies,

AC Induction Motors,

PTC Heaters









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